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Affordable Housing Sales and Launches are Highest in Prime Cities


A recent report by a renowned property consultant showed MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) and Delhi NCR leading the country’s 7 cities that account for India’s affordable housing market comprising 6 lakh units. The maximum supply is attributed to NCR and along with MMR contributes 55% of the total affordable housing segment. Not only supply but […]

Smaller Homes being Preferred by Indian Buyers and Builders


With the Indian Real Estate industry still facing a slowdown and stagnant property prices, the average size of apartments has been curtailed by the developers in Kolkata for the previous 5 years to maintain a balance between the buyer’s choice and affordability. Slowly following the Mumbai Metropolitan Region amid the prime cities of the country, […]

No April Fool for Buyers Who will Save on Purchases from the 1st


  The purchase of homes appears feasible with the Government deciding to curtail the existing rates of GST (Goods and Services Tax) attracted by the under-construction properties. The 8% on affordable housing will now become 1% while the normal category witnesses a change to 5 % from 12 %. The affordable homes get more affordable […]

How Should Home Buyers Act in the Upcoming Financial Year?


The Indian financial year draws an end on March 31, 2019, and the Real Estate sector is in pandemonium. Renters have started hunting houses while some of them are renewing their contracts. Developers are tallying accounts and finishing their audits. With the time of filing IT returns nearing, buyers are busy in getting their documents […]

Too Early to Expect Any Change in Property Prices


The unchecked property market of India is now facing limitations due to the dwindling of bank lending, which is the major source for the buyers and builders to borrow. Such a situation has occurred with the rising of non-performing loans at the leading financial institutions and banks. The sluggish economy and the ongoing liquidity crisis […]

Property Prices Don’t Get Reasonable Any Further with GST Reducing to 5%


The effect of the GST rate cut on the home prices for buyers is not quite amazing instead, houses might turn out to be more expensive for some despite the decline from 8% to 1%. The discredit goes to the removal of Input Tax Credit that was previously available with the 8% charge on affordable […]

Is 5% GST on Under-Construction Homes Enough to Pick Up Sales?


Whether or not the anxious housing realty market will experience an increase in its sales volume due to the recent GST reduction, remains a question. The industry executives feel that the slashing of Goods and Services Tax to 1% and 5% are not adequate for bringing stability to the cash-strapped developers. As announced by a […]

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